May this year, is once again being dedicated to men. Real men.

It's time to celebrate what it means to be a man. Being a real man isn't about the way you were born. It's about the decisions you make. Men just do certain things a certain way and it's time to celebrate that. And what better way than through some "friendly" competition?

What is M.o.M?

What Is Month of Man 1Overview: May 2016 has been deemed On Purpose Adventures'  second annual MONTH OF MAN. It consists of:

  • unique events hosted at sponsor locations around the Charleston area,

  • month-long challenges including food eating, a ninja course, daily workouts, facial hair (or lack thereof), MacGuyvering and many more,

  • plus lots of perks that come with being a ManCard Holder (MCH).

Men who attend these events and attempt these challenges earn points (points are earned for bringing spectators as well). The man with the most points on May 30 at our wrap-up olympics is “THE MAN”. Prizes are awarded after each competition at every event and the top 5 point earners win the prizes listed here.

This website features an exclusive online community for ManCard Holders with a leader board, calendar of events and forums that only M.o.M members can participate in. At each event, MCH can CHALLENGE one another to a one-on-one duels of a sanctioned activity resulting with the winner getting points and the loser getting a literal (hole) punch in the ManCard. It does not matter if you cannot attend a single event, you can compete via the online challenges and by visiting the locations of the month-long challenge providers during normal business hours.

Purpose: To create a month-long celebration of being a man through various competitions while driving business to our sponsors.

Mission: Men like to compete. We are again creating camaraderie between the MCH of the Month of Man that will foster friendships and competition for years to come. Being a man means taking responsibility for one's actions, family and community. We want to encourage the men of Charleston to take part in our philanthropic endeavors like building houses for Habitat for Humanity and helping young men transition into manhood with the Carolina Youth Development Center Motorworks program powered by Cummins (our financial beneficiary)

cycdHabitat for humanity

To see our schedule of events click here  (finalized schedule posted April 1)

To see our list of month-long challenge click here (finalized list posted April 1)

To see our list of perk providers of goods/services through Labor Day, 2016 click here (finalized list posted April 1)

How much:

Civilians: Just $45

Military Service (min. 2 years): Just $35

First Responders (Police, Fire, EMS): Just $35

What you get: An exclusive ManCard, comfy t-shirt, invitation to all events and challenges and lots of perks all summer long. All events are spectator/family friendly and many of the perks benefit more than just the ManCard Holder (MCH). There will be prizes awarded all month long at the events and some major prizes for the top 5 on the leaderboard after the big Memorial Day wrap-up Olympics picnic.







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