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Challenge Providers:​ Your business will offer a challenge to any card carrying M.o.M member  who comes to your place of business. This can be eating, burping, a fitness task, shooting pool or darts,  etc. We can get creative. If you want to offer an eating challenge, the member will pay for this option (ideally at a discounted rate) and will receive points via our tracking system for attempting the challenge. If you sell wings, maybe eating 50 wings in 20 minutes. If you sell pizza, maybe eating a large pizza in 20 minutes etc. If you sell other goods, maybe it is 50 push ups in a minute. The details  can be discussed and the possibilities are almost endless. The fact of the matter is, members will come to your place of business in  order to get the points and will most likely purchase something and bring others with them. ($500)   

Membership Perks Providers:​  ​These businesses want the promotion we will provide and the traffic we will generate. You will simply offer clearly defined specials or discounts for M.o.M.  members to incentivize them into your place of business. You can also extend offers to their entire group if you desire, but it must be clearly defined. Examples are: M.o.M ManCard holder receives free appetizer and entire group receives 10% off their bill or M.o.M member gets a buy one get one offer.  Whatever you choose is up to you. ($250)  

Supporters: ​You want to attach your brand to this project/events and be seen. You may not have a store front or have a high priced ticket item and simply want the exposure. You do not need to offer any discounts but you will be seen as a supporter of the Month of Man. ($100) 

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