Month-long Challenges

We want guys to earn points all month long when it is convenient for them. The following businesses are hosting challenges May 1-29 at their establishments. The points are recorded on-site and vary per challenge. The challenge is listed along with the points and perk. 

The Beltbuster Challenge

The Beltbuster Challenge

Sure men like to eat but HOW much do you think you eat?

  • Double Patty Burger with a Grilled Cheese In The Middle
  • Order of Loaded Nachos
  • Tots or Fries
  • Signature Milkshake
  • Challenge: To finish ALL of this in under 20 minutes.

    Earn 500 pts for attempting the Challenge
    Complete the challenge and earn 1500 pts and your meal is FREE along with a Big Billy's t-shirt and your name on the Belt Buster Plaque!
    No sharing or substitutions. If you do not complete the challenge the cost is $30

    Additonal Man Card Perk: Buy 1 entree get the 2nd for 1/2 off

    Big Billys Burger Joint
    5070 Intl Blvd
    Ghost Pepper Wing Challenge

    Ghost Pepper Wing Challenge

    How hot can you go?

    Challenge: Finish some blazing hot ghost pepper wings (no hding them in a napkin)
    Finish 4 ghost pepper wings and earn 200 pts
    Finish 6 ghost pepper wings and earn 500 pts
    Finish 12 ghost pepper wings and earn 1000 pts

    Additonal Man Card Perk: 10% off food

    Charleston Sports Pub
    1124 Sam Rittenberg Blvd
    Your Fill Of Fish Challenge

    Your Fill Of Fish Challenge

    How much fish is too much fish?

    Challenge: Finish the Large COD fillet, chips, peas and gravy.
    Points: Earn 250 pts for challenge attempt
    Earn 1000 pts for completing challenge

    Additonal Man Card Perk: 15% off entire tab

    The CODfather, Proper Fish and Chips
    1809 Reynolds Ave
    Escape If You Can Challenge

    Escape If You Can Challenge

    Think you can escape before time runs out?

    Challenge: Escape from any one of our puzzle rooms.
    Points: Earn 250 pts for challenge attempt
    Earn 1000 pts for escaping before time runs out
    Applicable to all rooms and points can be earned for each room.

    Additonal Man Card Perk: 10% off entire purchase

    Escape in 60
    45 S Market St.
    Kickboxing Challenge

    Kickboxing Challenge

    Can you make it through kickboxing training?

    Challenge: Complete one free kickboxing class
    Points: Earn 1000 pts for completion

    Additonal Man Card Perk: Free kickboxing and GritFit bootcamp class trial. First month free w/ any 6 month membership.

    Gritbox Fitness
    1119 Wappoo Road
    Ninja Skills Challenge

    Ninja Skills Challenge

    Think you got skills? Prove It.

    Challenge: Use your vast array of ninja like skills to complete elements without falling.
    Points: Earn 50 pts for each completed element without falling.
    Earn 50 pts for each consective row completed
    Earn 1000 pts for each completed row

    Additonal Man Card Perk: $3 off admission.

    Velocity Air Sports Charleston
    8551 Rivers Ave
    Back and Strength Challenge

    Back and Strength Challenge

    Are you at your top performance?

    Challenge: Test your strength possibilities or get an adjustment
    Points: Earn 500 pts for getting and adjustment done.
    Earn 500 pts for taking the strength possibilities test.

    Additonal Man Card Perk: $20 extremity adjustment and rapid release massage session. $25 strength capabilities test with 30 day follow-up.

    Your Charleston Health
    454 W. Coleman Blvd







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