Frequently Asked Questions

Who Is Month of Man Supporting

We believe being a man means being a solid member of the community. We will once again display that this year by donating MANhours for a 3-day Habitat for Humanity building in the Charleston area. Last year our efforts put the house we worked on two weeks ahead of schedule.

We will also be donating a portion of proceeds (min. goal of $3,500) to the Carolina Youth Development Center CYDY Motorsports Program, made possible through the Cummins Turbo Technologies Partnership. This is an afterschool program run by volunteers from Cummins teaching CYDC students auto mechanic skills and much more to potentially find careers after school.

What if I cannot attend any or all of the events?

That is a great question. While there are many motivations as to why men will be part of this year’s Month of Man, something fun to do, a ManCard, cool perks all Summer long, etc. competition is a big one. This year, there will be plenty of challenges, daily ones like the work out one and other likes food eating at various local restaurant sponsors. These are designed to allow you to compete and gain substantial points while not attending the scheduled events. We do know they will be fun, so if you can make it, come and bring others (you earn points for them too). You can also earn plenty of points by referring other guys to compete, each man you refer who registers earns you the same amount of points as ONE event, so throw the gauntlet down.

After I signup when will I receive my T-Shirt?

If you register before May 1, you will be guaranteed a t-shirt (and most likely if you register in May). You will also be guaranteed a ManCard regardless of when you sign up, even in May. You will be able to pick these items up by attending any of our events in May, see the schedule here.

If you do not plan to/cannot attend any events, please contact us (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) and arrangements will be made to get you your ManCard and T-Shirt mailed for a $5 shipping fee.

How long are the Perks of Month of Man available?

The majority of the perks for being a M.o.M ManCard holder are valid for the month of May 2015; however a few businesses are allowing their perks to be valid until the end of 2015 or until April 2016. See the complete listing of perks here. This section is changing daily as more and more businesses want to be a part of the month. 

How do I earn points?

There are a lot of different ways to earn points from Events, to Daily Challenges and Referrals. For a detailed list of all point earning opportunities please check here.

When should I register?

You can register at any time; however, there are incentives for registering sooner rather than later. Registering by April 15 earns you 1,000 bonus points. Registering by May 1 earns you 500 bonus points. You can register at any time in May at any event on-site. If you learned about the Month of Man late in May, you can still register, if only to receive a ManCard for the sake of it and enjoy all the perks it affords. Since you will receive 250 points for every man you refer, it is highly recommended to register early and refer all your friends, co-workers, family, gym mates, social sports team etc.

Who is behind Month of Man?

It is a collaboration between On Purpose Adventures, Charleston’s premiere adventure event planning company specializing in bachelor/bachelorette parties and team building, and Advent Designs, a full-service creative design and development firm in Charleston, SC.

What is Month of Man?

It is a month-long competition and celebration between and for men in the Charleston, SC area. It is comprised of unique events, daily and month-long challenges, perks for using a ManCard and an exclusive online community for its members.

Members receive points for attending events, competing in competitions at said events, placing in events, and completing daily and month-long challenges. Men also receive points for referring friends to accept the challenge and for every spectator they bring to an event.

It is designed to get locals out and about before the heat and crowds of summer. It is centered around bringing business to its sponsors in May and all Summer long.

How do I sign up for Month of Man?

You can register by clicking here or on-site at any event. There are three classifications of membership. One is for civilians, one is for current First Responders (Police, Fire, EMS personnel) and the last is for any man who served at least two years in the US Military/Armed Forces.

After I signup when will I receive my ManCard?

If you register before May 1, the first opportunity you will have to pick up your ManCard is at the check-in table at the Charleston RiverDogs event outside their gates from 4pm-7pm. You will not have to purchase a ticket to attend this event if you do not desire to, that is why we are setting up outside the gates. ManCard pick up will then be possible at every additional event during May. If you do not plan to/cannot attend any events, please contact us ( and arrangements will be made to get you your ManCard 

How do I become a Sponsor?

We are still looking for businesses that want to reach this audience by offering perks or month-long challenges to our members during the month of May 2016. If interested, please email Subject: 2016 Sponsorship.







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