How Do I Earn Points

Points, ugh...what are they good for?!?!?

Absolutely everything, well not really. There’s more to life than accumulating a lot of points during the Month of Man competition in Charleston, SC in May 2016, but not much more.


Some will register for the cool, extremely comfortable and stylish tri-blend shirt. Others, just to show off their ManCard, a source of pride. And yet others will just want the cool perks associated with having a ManCard.

But then there are those competitive guys who love the challenges. They yearn to compete. For you good sir, we give you points. Points for doing things you do already. Points for attending events that our host sponsors are putting on. Points for living your life in Charleston and going out to eat, picking up a newspaper, going on a date, being chivalrous and points for head to head competition.

Even if you do think you can or want to attend many events or attempt the challenges, the shirt, perks and ManCard alone are worth the registration.

Below is a listing of the ways points will be accumulated. Why is it this way? You mean high arbitrary numbers? Because we are men and we just made it up, so deal with it. We are, though, open to ideas for additional challenges to earn points, so feel free to contact us with suggestions.

How a ManCard holder can earn points:
Registering before April 15 = 1,000 pts
Registering before May 1 = 500 pts
Refer a Friend = 250 pts
Event Attendance = 250 pts
Spectator Event Attendance = 100 pts (ages 12+)
Accept the challenge and participate in any competition (at events or online) = 150 pts
Month-long Challenges: Vary based on challenge

This isn’t pewee soccer. Winning is rewarded. Each and every competition has performance points at stake.
First place = 1,000 pts and $50 in sponsor gift certs
Second place = 750 pts and $25 in sponsor gift certs
Third place = 500 points and $15 in sponsor gift certs

As we think of other ways to reward you, they will be added and you will be notified.


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