Points, ugh...what are they good for?!?!?

Absolutely everything, well not really. There’s more to life than accumulating a lot of points during the Month of Man competition in Charleston, SC in May 2016, but not much more.

Being a man means so many things to everyone. We are not trying to define manhood, just embrace a part of it that at the core of so many guys, competition. However, one thing that we do believe that we want know is the to us, being a many means giving back to your community and helping the next generation. That is why we carefully selected our charitable partners.

Has it been a year already? Well, it is starting to feel like summer, so yes, it has got to be March in Charleston. That means we are just a few weeks away from the second Month of Man, May 2016. If you have all kinds of questions about this concept, check out our blog, especially if you think this is some He-man woman haters club filled with misogynists.  We are actually capitalizing on something men do naturally, compete, and turning it into a reason to go out and do things in Charleston before the heat and crowds show up in full force.

First off, no matter what age we are, all men need the experience and sometimes even advice of other men who've been through life's harrowing trials, good bad or indifferent.  We need the mentors of our elders and predecessors to tell us how they got through different trials and tribulations as well as accomplishments and successes.  It can be a sometimes scary and difficult trail we must all go down at some point in time throughout our adulthood, and having a bond with another guy who can sit there and say "I've been there myself" and how they coped is unparalleled.  Whether it’s getting through college and bonding with our frat brothers, watching our wife-to-be walk down the aisle, holding our child for the first time, or losing a parent, everything is something we shouldn't have to deal with alone.  Sure, our moms or sister, even our wives, may have that amazing and beautiful womanly advice that makes perfect sense to them.  However, having that older man who dealt with life as a man, without the blithering amount of estrogen, tears and mood swings is what we need, too.

He-Man Woman Haters Club?


Name: Jessica, On Purpose Adventures’ Intern

Sex: Female

Age: 21

Height: 5’11”

Hair: Brown

Offended by the Month of Man: No


Yes, I’m a female and I’ve been involved with all aspects of Month of Man. I’ve helped plan it, advertise it, and have even told my friends they should participate. Why would a female help promote such a He-Man Woman Haters Club such as the Month of Man?

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